Saturday, December 8, 2007

Expression Blend 2.0 December Preview disappointment

Today Microsoft released the December Preview for Expression Blend the basic tool for designing Silverlight XAML.

This came after Scott Guthrie's announcement that Silverlight 2.0 and that he will be starting a new Silverlight 2.0 features tutorial series in his blogs.

I was eagerly anticipating the release for December Preview, hoping that we might get a sneak preview of the Silverlight 2.0 features. Instead, I am very disappointed with the preview version. After reviewing the preview version the only feature updated from September Preview is personalising the Blend 2.0 with the features to Silverlight.

Blend 2.0 September Preview has many issues with Silverlight as you can expect from a preview version of undeveloped technology, basic issues like image brush was not included in September preview but could have coded in Visual Studio, December preview didn't even touch these basic issues.

I am disappointed with this release, but with Scott Guthrie's announcement about Silverlight 2.0. We might see another Preview version either January/February.

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