Thursday, December 27, 2007

Microsoft's New Year Resolution for Silverlight

This is my list of what what Microsoft's new years resolutions for Silverlight should be, they are however very unlikely but I think its about time Microsoft take initiative and this about this.

Silverlight 2.0 Alpha in January 2008: Now wouldn't that be cool? Developers/Designers could get their hands dirty with new features in Silverlight 2.0 (grid, controls) and start building meaningful applications that would have compatibility with Silverlight 2.0 plug-in.

Microsoft openly sharing Silverlight information: Am I really asking too much with this? I really don't understand why Microsoft have to be so secretive of their projects, weather it be Silverlight (compared to Adobe) or IE8 (compared to Mozilla). Why can't Microsoft be open and share information or be supportive of early adopters or developers?

Microsoft Expression Exchange: In reality this could only exist in my wish list, Microsoft has never been supportive of its developers, but that was thing of the past Microsoft are not dealing with developers alone anymore, after .NET 3.0 /WPF and Silverlight they are dealing with designers community, Okay, I agree there is not much you can share or exchange as a developer but a designer could share almost anything from simple assets to complex codes, they can share vector graphics for Expression Design, video skins for Expression Encoder, and XAML for Expression Blend. Since announcement of grids/controls in Silverlight applications the need for this kind of exchange program could only result in high productivity

Viewing XAML at Runtime: To me and many other like me this is one feature we would really love to see in the next version of Silverlight , it is easy to create dynamic content in Silverlight but its a real problem to check that XAML for any errors or tweaking. As far as implementation is concerned I don't think its really a problem for Microsoft to allow this but the problem is the shortcut to view XAML as there is no right click available in Silverlight due to compatibility issues with other platforms, and view source will show the HTML file holding XAML.

Microsoft accepting OpenGL and implementing it in Silverlight and the only reason they wouldn't is DirectX, they are simply not going to desert their most prized windows feature they are working on for years on end. I have only one suggestion just in case Microsoft is listening, being stubborn when you are developing next generation cross-platform applications would only restrict progress, there is a first time for everything and Silverlight could be the first time you adopt OpenGL because clearly other platforms are never going to adopt DirectX.

Rich Text Box / integrated HTML object: Probabily the only item in my wish list that is most important and something that can actually come true. This is  very important for RIA web page development, Please check my previous post on Rich Text Box makes rich RIA


Pete said...

Great wishlist for the new year.

Viewing Xaml: check out Silverlight Spy.

Designer/expression stuff: I think PhizzPop will get there.

Sharing Info: I expect it will become a lot more open after the Beta. Right now, Microsoft is pushing like crazy for two things: 1. get Silverlight 1.0 adopted. 2. Get Silverlight 2.0 Beta ready. I wouldn't expect to see a release before the Beta.

OpenGL isn't about stubborness. DirectX and OpenGL are very different toolkits/platforms. While it would be nice for Microsoft to have some hardware acceleration, I don't think OpenGL will get us everything we want. It just isn't the same animal. Maybe they go that way eventually, but I just can't see that happening from a technical standpoint.

Have a great new year!

Imran Shaik said...

Thanks for the comments Pete and wish you a happy new year as well,

On this however I beg to differ on few points, about viewing XAML, I was refering to Dynamic XAML, when the XAML is changed when it is created dynamically from managed code (in real time), this is more important for troubleshooting than just viewing the static XAML.

OpenGL, well what can I say? It a matter of opinion acually, and the level of hardware accelaration, I agree that they are not the same but I for some reason just don't see Microsoft deserting DirectX and adopting OpenGL, even if they can, I think Microsoft would work on making DirectX available across other platforms, instead of adopting OpenGL.

I don't expect to see a release before beta but I'm just hoping fingers crossed.

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