Sunday, December 16, 2007

RichTextBox makes Rich RIA

Rich Text Box, probability the one feature that could change the face of Internet applications for good, that would take Silverlight platform to the extreme, both in terms of usability and adoption, this might give Adobe nightmare, and one that every HTML developer looking forward to.

If RichTextBox is made available in Silverlight 2.0, with binding capability with XML, many developers might pay their last respects to HTML and CSS, and server pages (PHP, ASPX, JSP) will be used to generate dynamic XAML instead of HTML. AJAX would be replaced with Silverlight, giving developers easy to manage extensions UI.

The framework for RichTextBox adoption is already in place, developers argue that this type of adoption will restrict the search bolts to search for data inside a Silverlight control, but RSS and ATOM feeds might come to rescue.

RichTextBox is already available in WPF application and the adopted in many applications like New York Times Reader, but its availably in Silverlight is still unknown, officially Microsoft hasn't spoken about this feature, and it isn't included in Silverlight 2.0 roadmap, the probability of seeing RichTextBox in Silverlight 2.0 is slim but the probability of such a feature is still there.


FEATURE: 4.9/5



jclip said...

Hi Imran,
I agree...RichTextBox would be very, very useful in Silverlight and I would also like to see it added to the 2.0 deliverable. I'd like to have the opportunity to publish math equations using flow documents and this would work nicely.


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Anonymous said...

Using RichTextBox Control in .NET