Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silverlight Deployment - Easy or Fussy?

Structure of Silverlight allows designers and developers to work in different environments and synchronise their work simultaneously, but the same features come back to hound the deployment process.

Deployment of Silverlight applications could have been made easy, Silverlight uses .NET Framework 3.5 for development and System.IO.Packaging Namespace already available in .NET 3.0 could have been used to help deploy Silverlight applications. 

Microsoft uses this same package architecture in XPS document specification, if Silverlight uses the same method not just the deployment will be easy but also the downloading of the Silverlight application inside a browser will be easy using Downloader Object. The application will download faster, firstly because of the compression, and because there will only be a single file to download reducing multiple server requests.  And you can have centralised control of Silverlight objects.

I am really struggling to find the reasons why Silverlight shouldn't implement this option for Silverlight.

I would rate this feature 3.5/5

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