Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feedback on HTML 5: Bury it!

W3C drafted new resolutions working draft for HTML 5, which may (I repeat "may") be available as a standard in couple of years, even if W3C convince all legacy browsers to be compatible to new drafted standards,  I for one don't see HTML 5 to be ever be accepted within developer community, I am actually surprised that W3C even bother drafting a new standards for HTML, there are not many developers who use HTML as their basic language, HTML is only used to render web pages at Client, no matter how far they stretch it HTML will still perform short with user interface,  scripting or managed code.

I am basing my judgement in accordance to the new and emerging technologies such as Silverlight, Flash, AIR, SVG, XUL, Java FX. HTML was thing of the past HTML was usable when Internet was accessed with a 56K dial up modem by the masses, that is just about a decade ago, we are still using HTML due to lack of proper browser standards but with new technologies especially Silverlight that is not going to last long.

Suggestion to W3C: Its about time we bury HTML deep where it actually belong and move ahead instead of going backwards.