Sunday, January 6, 2008

Silverlight News at CES 2008

Bill Gates presented his last keynote at CES 2008 today at Las Vegas, and since Microsoft have announced many products at CES in the last few years including XBOX 360 and Microsoft Vista I was hoping against hope that we might get few announcements for Silverlight.

But disappointedly no, I had asked Scott Guthrie earlier this week about the Silverlight 2.0 tutorials he had promised back in Nov 2007, he seems to be excited about it and said that he might start it in next couple of weeks. It got my hopes up that we  might see early release the Beta before Mix 08 (which was very unlikely).

Anyway, there were actually no major announcements from Microsoft just a preview of what we might expect at Mix '08 later in March. But Microsoft have announced NBC's plan to host video coverage for Beijing Olympics starting 08-08-2008, and NBC will be using Microsoft Silverlight for the video coverage.

This is not such a big news but by August, the user adoptability of Silverlight will be much higher and Microsoft will be pushing to release Silverlight 2.0 Final by then.


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