Friday, January 18, 2008

Silverlight Tutorials with VB.NET

I have been thinking about writing an e-book on Silverlight focusing on VB.NET, I had started to do Silverlight 1.1 Alpha tutorials on my personal blog but when I got busy, and because Silverlight 1.1 Alpha is very incomplete I laid it to rest waiting for the next version.

Well the next version as we all know is coming up in another month or two, so I might actually go ahead and make ebook on Silverlight 2.0 with VB.NET

My main reason to write a tutorial book is to give VB.NET developers a good start, I know I struggled with I first started with Silverlight.

The book I intend to write will have few tutorials and explain few other things and perhaps the architecture.

I would be very gratefully if other developers want to co-author the e-book and samples, and provide community the good head start, an e-book, completely free and will be released on Creative Commons license, to give developers the basic to start off the development process. I intend to publish this book by April/May 2008.

If you want to co-author the e-book then please get in contact with me, or if you are developers please atleast leave comments on what do you think about the idea and what topics you might expect to see.


scorpion53061 said...

Very much looking forward to a book for developers on this subject. If you need people that are new to silverlight to review your book I would love to be a canidate.

My site is

lkritchey said...

I know this is quite some time since your post - but I would love to see this as well. If you have come up with the e-book already, could you post the location here so that we can take a look at it? Thanks!