Friday, February 1, 2008

Looking for Silverlight News, Questions, Samples, Articles and Blogs?

Next time you want to find some information on Silverlight and want to search the web, you should check these sites instead and every Silverlight Developer / Designer should have it bookmarked.

For Questions:

Silverlight forums: Official web site and  forum for Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft employees join the discussion sometimes but only so often.

For Samples:

Silverlight Gallery: Official web gallery to showcase Silverlight Applications.

For Tutorials

Silverlight Learn: Official quick start for developers getting started with Silverlight, with video tutorials, documentation, whitepapers and don't forget to Quickstarts.

Social Networking:

Get News and updates from Social Networking sites

Facebook: Silverlight

Tweeter: SilverlightNews

And for just about anything

 Silverlight Cream: All Blogs, Samples, Articles, News and almost everything about Silverlight, and and if you haven't subscribed to this feed yet then you should,  keep up the good work Dave. You are doing what Microsoft should be doing themselves, create user community, to share ideas or samples and Silverlight Gallery isn't enough.

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